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Rosie Walford

Rosie is a consultant and coach in the fields of regeneration, strategy and leadership development.

She studied psychology at Oxford University. She used this knowledge as Strategic Planning Director for a global advertising agency in London, to tap into human motivations for commercial ends. So clients could reach for more ambitious outcomes, she introduced idea generation and design thinking, and co-founded the agency’s successful Innovation Unit which applies creativity and values to commercial thinking, worldwide.

Realising that a creative, human-centred approach was powerful for social and environmental issues as well as brands, Rosie began consulting with non profit organisations. Her interest in changing the cultural narrative led to a postgraduate diploma in photojournalism. Rosie has bridged the for-profit and non profit worlds, and been a columnist in NZ Herald and the British broadsheets for twenty years.

Inspired by the power of ecopsychology and deep individual coaching, Rosie created her first outdoor leadership and nature connection programme The Big Stretch in 2003. This helped hundreds of professionals to find their purpose and create positive impact. Rosie also devises regenerative leadership programmes for organisations such as Adidas, PWC, Vodafone NZ, Auckland Council and Akina - enabling senior leaders to find their organisations’ vocation as interdependent parts of wider systems.

Rosie moved her life from London to Waiheke Island because of the love she has for swimming the waters here. She regards it as her job to stand up for these waters.



Bianca Ranson is the founder and director of Pōtiki Adventures.

In 2003 she came up with the concept of offering tours and outdoor adventures within the natural environment from a Māori perspective.

Her business was the first adventure tourism company based on Māori culture to win the NZ Outdoor Awards.

Bianca also won Best Māori Women in Business category at the 2007 MWDI Māori Business awards.