Orientation Day
August 2019

Participants meet the each other, get up to speed on the problems facing the Gulf and begin to experience the project’s unusual ways of enabling change.

The evidence shows that dominant approaches to change for sustainability do not result in long-term, large-scale change. It is suggested that this is because they don't address the deep-seated social and psychological structures that keep old patterns of behaviour in place.

On this day we lay the foundations for participants to lead through innovative psychological approaches that work with people’s values and sense of identity.

Leading in Living Systems
—September 2019

This four-day residential retreat explores participants' personal relationships with the Gulf in the broadest sense. Through a variety of practical activities, participants scrutinise the ideas, beliefs and perspectives that locate us - and our organisations - in the world. There will be time to reflect on living systems, on identity, agency and influence.

Refocusing on wider perspectives will reveal each participant's unique role within the systems of which they are part. They will witness how effects ripple through systems to impact communities, land and sea. This work will shed light on the potential of participants' organisations to create ripples too - as powerful agents for change in the Hauraki Gulf region and beyond.

Most of the time will be spent outdoors, weather permitting.

Leading in Social Systems
—October 2019

The focus of this day is to explore psychologically savvy ways to design initiatives that work with an organisation's culture.

The single greatest barrier to innovation is our attachment to comfortable and habitual patterns of thought, which we may not even be fully aware of. Through analysis of some of the cultural symbols and beliefs that are embedded in mass media, participants will develop insights into the invisible culture within their own organisation, sector or community - especially in relation to the Gulf.

The process builds leadership capacity to cut through the cultural assumptions which filter perception and limit transformative thinking. This exploration is deepened through international case-studies of organisations and movements which have, in some cases, changed the world. At the end of the day Sir Graham Henry will bring insights into leading transformative change in teams.

Coaching and Peer Mentoring
—August to December 2019

Coaching brings professional support as participants integrate their experiences of the project into everyday life and work. The focus will be on identifying goals and initiatives that are personally meaningful, and which are inspiring, innovative and pragmatic.

For support in their leadership challenges, members of the group will also have regular meetings with a subgroup of peers to review and fine-tune their approach. This helps to maintain creative energy and to build coherence and thrust in their work.

—December 2019

A half-day session to reflect on the individual and collective journey.

We will distill learnings at an individual level, and collectively we will work with Centre for Social Impact’s assessment specialists to understand how the work of participants is contributing to the health and mauri of the Hauraki Gulf system. We explore how these initiatives, over time, may influence the Gulf’s wholeness and abundance for future generations.