As successful and experienced leaders, our participants understand that their organisation's future depends on a healthy and resilient Hauraki Gulf. 

This innovative project calls each leader to create transformational change. It reveals their unique role in helping to reconcile the wicked environmental challenges facing the Gulf .

Based on an internationally proven approach to leadership and change, this project is utterly different from anything seen before in New Zealand. It's not easy - it requires a special kind of person, with influence, determination, integrity and commitment.

Participants must be willing to go off the map, sometimes literally. 

Over a period of four months, the approach includes:

  • extensive time spent outdoors;

  • revelatory analysis of our contemporary culture - both social and organisational;

  • practical insights about leading change - drawn from living systems, psychology and social history;

  • inspirational group work and one-to-one leadership coaching;

  • deep empowerment - participants discover and strategise for themselves in ways that are relevant to their own context.

This is a unique chance to deliver on a vision for the Auckland region, one where guardianship of the biosphere grows whilst communities and organisations thrive.

“Intelligence means being able to see many levels of the whole in space and time and take them into account when making a decision… It’s all about context. The larger your context is, the more intelligent your decisions will be. It’s about being able to think at different levels of reality at the same time.”
— Elisabet Sahtouris